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Senza Sole "Starter Pack"

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Dermatology Tested
Allergy Tested
7 HA compounds for ultra-hydration
Tested on Sensitive Skin
Quick Drying & Long Lasting
2 Additional Peptides = Plump, Lift & Brighten Skin
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1 Senza Sole 9.5% - Mini 8oz

1 Senza Sole 12% - Mini 8oz

1 Senza Sole 14% - Mini 8oz

1 Senza Sole Clear 9.5% - Mini 8oz

1 Senza Sole Clear 12% - Mini 8oz

Quick drying solution with improved hydration for a longer lasting tan

Lighter golden bronzer resulting in minimal wash off

7 compounds of Sodium Hyaluronate specially blended to nourish the skin for ultimate hydration

Two added peptides work in tandem to plump, lift and brighten skin, for radiantly smooth skin

An infusion of botanical extracts blended with nourishing protectants and skin renewing properties, creating a luxurious skincare solution

Squalane: The ultimate complexion booster hydrates dryness and balances oiliness while diminishing fine lines - revealing brighter skin


Italian Inspired. Made in Australia.

Our products are made in Australia to ensure our formulas are held to the highest quality standards.