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Online Zoom: Spray Tanning Classes


Class Information

Can't make it in person? You can still join a live group class through our online training!

This is your chance to be part of the live in-person group class without being physically in person. Our online zoom class makes it possible to sit in on the in-person Group Class so you can watch and observe the entire training.

We will ship you all of your materials, equipment, and tanning solution in advance so you can follow along and learn in the comfort of your own home.

Class Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $1,100

Deposit required with registration: $500

*A non-refundable deposit is required with registration and will be applied towards your total fee.

Your balance will be due the day prior to your scheduled class.

*Should you need to reschedule, please email us and we will reschedule your class up to one time without losing your deposit. If you need to reschedule a second time, your deposit will no longer be available for transfer and will be lost.

Register for Class

Select A Date To Register For An Upcoming Class

*Please note that the deadline to register for a zoom class is 5-days prior in order for us to ship materials to you in time for the class. If you want to register within the 5-day window, please contact us first.

**If you are outside of the United States, we will not be able to ship materials to you. Please contact us in advance to discuss other options available to you.

What you will learn:

What's included:

☑ Hands on training from Isabel Alysa

☑ All students will receive a certificate of completion*

☑ 1 Turbine machine

☑ 1 Professional mist spray gun

☑ 1 Portable tanning tent

☑ 1 Dolce Glow professional solution starter kit with 3 mini solutions (8oz each).

☑ Dolce Glow Training Manual

☑ Exclusive access to sales events & discounts on Dolce Glow professional solutions

☑ Access to wholesale pricing of Dolce Glow self-tanning products

☑ A supportive community of Dolce Glow certified spray tan artists

☑ Monthly group trainings with Isabel Alysa for continued education.

*Certificate of completion is not a state license or certification. Please check with your own state for licensing & certification requirements.